After the entire village of Ironforge was murdered, including your niece and father, you vowed to get your revenge. You became a mighty Fighter, albeit one who was easily distracted by sidequests.

You rode into the city of Brazzleton, and met a shadowy stranger in a hooded cloak who was sitting in the corner of the local bar. He told you about the legendary Amber Monkey of Phleberron, which is rumored to be hidden in an ancient sewer near the village of Pittsburgh, and promised you a hefty fee if you could bring it to him. Figuring he wouldn't offer you the quest if it weren't level-appropriate, you readily agreed.

There was no drama in the LBC but you soon were confounded by a fiendish tower constructing puzzle, and by the time you figured out to solve it, you were depressed as an underfed tarantula.

Fortunately, "giving up" isn't in your dictionary (probably because it's two words), so you persevered. You fought your way through countless gypsies and tramps -- even a cockatrice! But eventually you found the lair of the sinister Ice Knight Baaaal, and were able to defeat him by knocking him into a sphere of annihilation with a lucky critical hit. Bruised but successful, you made it back to the nearby city of Burblegroat and claimed your reward.

Loot:extra-visible shillelagh of bewildering clairvoyance
silver entrenching tool of spiteful polyamory
endless flagon of orphan stout